Coming Soon: When Does Life Begin?

Bookcover image of woman on stage with text: When Does Life Begin?

It’s almost time! When Does Life Begin? will publish on or around September 23, 2023.

Is Lydia ready to move on or is she lying to herself?

For aspiring actress Lydia Dawson, the whole world is a stage. Haunted by past heartache and the death of her best friend, Lydia struggles between reliving the past and reaching for her future.

At a prestigious acting workshop, Lydia meets Kolton and feels an instant connection. But is she ready for a new leading man in her life or is it safer to guard her heart?

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One Shot: Coming soon

One Shot Book Cover
One Shot Book Cover

Coming soon, One Shot, the fourth publication of Luminesce Publishing. The title is currently available for ebook preorder on Amazon and set to release in paperback on January 23, 2021.

What happened to Julia Manchester?

When 13-year-old Julia disappears after a babysitting job, her older sisters Charlotte and Liv fear the worst. With their father running for president and their mother a retired actress—anyone could have taken Julia.

Exhausted from growing up in the public eye, the Manchester sisters want every spotlight shined on their family to find Julia—if they can convince the police she’s not a runaway.

Soon, Charlotte’s boyfriend Vincent suspects there’s something sinister about Julia’s disappearance, but Charlotte doesn’t know what to believe or who to trust.

Will Julia make it home safely, and will her family ever recover?

“What I Learned That Summer” Publication

After almost two years of work on an over 20-year-old idea, it is finally publication day for “What I Learned That Summer.”

This is the third title published by Luminesce Publishing author Brandi Easterling Collins.

What’s it about?

Lesson One: Shut up long enough to listen.

At almost sixteen, aspiring writer Kincaid Walsh isn’t thrilled about spending the whole summer with her grandparents and aunt at their small motel in Arkansas.

Away from her friends, Kincaid agrees to her grandfather’s challenge to write down every lesson she learns during her time there. As Kincaid struggles to heal from her painful past, she learns more than she ever imagined when she meets one of her writing idols.

When they’re forced to work together, Kincaid is annoyed by Joseph, the teenage maintenance guy, but she soon realizes he’s hiding heartache of his own.

What other lessons will her summer hold? Only time will tell.

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